About us

Start college debt free.

Start college with credits and confidence.

About us

Start college debt free.

Start college with credits and confidence.


About us

We started the Academic Advantage Program (AAP) as a way to offer high-quality, affordable dual credit classes to high school students.

The enormous cost of higher education is out of control.

The average college course costs $594 per credit hour. Students are graduating with records amount of debt, currently $37,112 among those with loans.

We consider offering quality, affordable courses to young students a missional mandate.


Accredited (x2)

Our parent institution, God’s Bible School and College (a nonprofit founded in 1900), is an HLC and ABHE accredited historic institution with a passion for ministry and a track record of academic rigor.

Because it’s extremely difficult for students to graduate and enter the workforce under the burden of unnecessary debt we keep our costs extremely low.

We are passionate about a servanthood model of education, rather than a for-profit model that hinders each new generation with mounting debt.



The faculty and staff here work sacrificially to ensure that this mission is accomplished.

In fact, we are the most affordable Christian college in America with ABHE and regional accreditation!

This is missional for us:  we want more students graduating college debt-free.

First-time college students primarily report two things they fear. The first is not being “smart” enough and the second is not being able to pay for college.

We give them the opportunity to earn credits and build confidence at an affordable rate.

Education is in our . . . coffee

Since 1900, we’ve been preparing students to reach the world with the Gospel through the church and the workforce.

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