• Credits: 3
  • Course Code: THEO 225

A study of the Christian worldview.

Particular emphasis is given to the reasonableness of the Christian faith and to the fact that there is sufficient evidence to support that belief.

The Bible is examined in relation to its reliability and authority.


No Monthly


Week 1

  • Week One Preview
  • Introductory Discussion
  • Intro to Apologetics
  • Quiz 1
  • Geisler Reading Report

Week 2

  • Week Two Preview
  • Common Misconceptions
  • Quiz 2
  • Internet Activity
  • Geisler Reading Report
  • Reminder: Sunday School Lessons

Week 3

  • Week Three Preview
  • Is There A God?
  • Web articles on the Existence of God
  • Quiz 3 (the Existence of God)
  • Meet Up Discussions on the Existence of God
  • The Atheist Delusion
  • Geisler Reading Report
  • Discussion of Geisler Reading

Week 4

  • Week Four Preview
  • Creation Apologetics
  • More Creation Apologetics
  • Quiz 4
  • Internet Activity
  • Reading Report – Answer Book 1
  • Why I am a Creationist (Del Tackett)
  • Watch: Ken Ham and Bill Nye Debate
  • Watch: Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed
  • Evolution vs. God
  • Microbiologist from AiG–Most Asked Questions (Georgia Purdom)
  • Discussion of Videos

Week 5

  • Week Five Preview
  • Uniqueness of the Bible Lecture
  • The General Argument For Christianity
  • Quiz 5
  • Hands On Activity (General Argument for Christianity)
  • Geisler Reading Report
  • Strobel Reading Report
  • Georgia Purdom

Courses consist of 12 units over a 16-week period. The above is only a sample.

There are no prerequisites for Apologetics.

The Case for the Real Jesus

Lee Strobel | ISBN 031024210X

Buy the book.

Strobel was an atheistic journalist who turned to Christ after researching the evidence for Christianity.

Using an interesting journalistic style, Strobel interviews experts who refute recent arguments that Jesus is just another pagan god, that Jesus never really rose from the dead, that the Bible is not reliable literature, etc.

I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist

Norman Geisler | ISBN: 1581345615

Buy the book.

Defending Your Faith

Mark Bird | ASIN B0067KNB80

This book is designed to help pastors, Sunday School teachers, or small group leaders equip their fellow Christians in apologetics. Make sure you get the teacher’s edition.

Buy the book.

13% — Reading/Reports

12% — Written Defense Papers

13% — Dialogue outside of class, University assignments/Reports

6% — Internet Activity/Reports

6% — Discussion Forums

12% — Teaching Sunday School Lessons

10% — Mid-Term Oral Exam

15% — Quizzes

13% — Final Exam

Dr. Mark Bird


  • BRE in Education, Union Bible College
  • MS in Secondary Education, Pensacola Christian College
  • MA in Theology, Wesley Biblical Seminary
  • DMin in Theology and Apologetics, Grace Theological Seminary

Ready to get started?

Ready to get started?