Christian Beliefs

  • Credits: 3
  • Course Code: THEO 201

A study of the fundamental doctrines of the Christian faith.

It involves a study of God the Father, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, man, salvation, and living the Christian life.

Emphasis is on the best Scriptural references to establish the basic truth about each of these areas.

Each study is life-related and integrated with daily Christian living rather than simply “concept” oriented.


No Monthly


Week 1 : Introduction

  • Participate in the Introductory Discussion

  • Read Knowledge of the Holy, preface and chapters 1-8

  • View lectures

Week 2 : The Authority of Scripture Part 1

  • Read Knowledge of the Holy, chapters 9-16

  • View lectures

  • Participate in the Discussion Board

Week 3 : The Authority of Scripture Part 2

  • Read Knowledge of the Holy, chapters 17-23

  • View lectures

  • Participate in the Discussion Board

  • Complete Test 1

Week 4 : Knowing and Worshiping God Part 1

  • Read I Believe, pages 5-188

  • View lectures from Unit 2, Knowing and Worshipping God

Week 5 : Knowing and Worshiping God Part 2

  • Read Seamands, chapters 1-5

  • Carefully read the student notes from Unit 2 attached in this week and complete the focus questions (There will be no lecture this week.)

  • Complete Test 2

Courses consist of 12 units over a 16-week period. The above is only a sample.

There are no prerequisites for Christian Beliefs.

The Knowledge of The Holy

Tozer, A.W.  | ISBN 0060684127

Buy the book.

This is the best book on the attributes of God I have read. It is only 124 pages and distills the most important Scriptures and concepts into one easy-to-read, yet profound book.

Almost everyone recognizes its importance and you should be both blessed and informed by reading it.

It is a must-read for anyone who desires to know God better.

Healing for Damaged Emotions

Seamands, David | ISBN 0882072285

Buy the book.

This book has sold over 1 million copies. It is written by a Wesleyan Methodist theologian and addresses problems of the personality that the relationship of the new birth and entire sanctification do not solve.

Almost all of my former students were encouraged, instructed, and helped by this book. Many have purchased copies for friends and relatives who could be helped by this book

Apply this book to your own life and ask God to help you grow in grace and the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Security: The False & the True

Purkiser, W.T. | ISBN 0834100487

Buy the book.

This is a small, readable book on the issue of eternal security – is the security of the believer conditioned upon continued faith or is security unconditional?

It is only 62 pages and summarizes some of the basic reasons it matters to God how you live after you have made a profession of faith.

I Believe: Fundamentals for the Christian Faith

Dr. Mark Bird, Dr. Allan Brown, Dr. A. Philip Brown | ISBN 0974918636

Buy the book.

This is an excellent summary statement of the basics of the Christian faith. It is thoroughly Wesleyan and Arminian in theology.

Most of the authors of the individual chapters are or have been faculty members at God’s Bible School and College.

30% — Reading (This includes Scripture (each passage twice), class lecture notes, and collateral reading in the required textbooks.)

45% — Tests (Five tests will be administered. Tests 3 and 5 are accumulative; they are inclusive of all materials studied up to each testing period.)

10% — Lecture Viewing/Listening Reports

10% — Participation (Discussion Forums are included in your participation grade. )

5% — Reflection Paper (This paper is to be written at the end of the course.)

Dr. Allan Brown

Chair: Ministerial Education

  • AA in Electronics Engineering Technology, Pasadena City College
  • BA in Biblical Literature, Hobe Sound Bible College
  • MA in Religion, Bob Jones University
  • PhD in Old Testament Interpretation, Bob Jones University

Ready to get started?

Ready to get started?