Creation Apologetics

  • Credits: 3
  • Course Code: PHIL 235

Learn evidence for young earth creationism and a general argument for Christianity with Answers in Genesis.

Grow in your desire and commitment to share your faith, using apologetics–especially creation apologetics–to help people toward Christ.

Learn to use apologetics arguments in witnessing and how to teach apologetics, especially apologetics relating to creationism.


No Monthly


Week 1

  • Week One Preview
  • Introductory Discussion
  • Intro to Creation Apologetics

Week 2

  • Week Two Preview
  • Is There A God?
  • Reading Assignment

Week 3

  • Week Three Preview
  • The General Argument for Christianity
  • Interview/Dialogue Assignment

Courses consist of 12 units over a 16-week period. The above is only a sample.

There are no prerequisites for Apologetics.

Defending Your Faith

Mark Bird | ASIN B0067KNB80

This book is designed to help pastors, Sunday School teachers, or small group leaders equip their fellow Christians in apologetics. Make sure you get the teacher’s edition.

Buy the book.

63% — CAP 101 grade

8% — Reading Defending Your Faith

8% — Teaching

8% — Interview

5% — Quiz

8% — Participation, including Oral Exam

Dr. Mark Bird


  • BRE in Education, Union Bible College
  • MS in Secondary Education, Pensacola Christian College
  • MA in Theology, Wesley Biblical Seminary
  • DMin in Theology and Apologetics, Grace Theological Seminary

Ready to get started?

Ready to get started?