New Testament Literature

  • Credits: 2
  • Course Code: BIST 104

A survey of the content, themes, literary genre, and historical context of the books of the New Testament.


No Monthly


Week 1

  • Week One Preview and Objectives
  • Introductory Discussion
  • Development of the Bible, Why Study the New Testament?
  • Jewish History, The Middle East in the Days of Jesus
  • Bible Reading

Week 2

  • Week Two Preview and Objectives
  • The Gospel and the Four Gospels, Matthew
  • The Gospels of Mark and Luke
  • Discussion Forum
  • Bible Reading
  • Internet Activity

Week 3

  • Week Three Preview and Objectives
  • The Gospel of John; Man from Galilee
  • Lord, Teach Us; Modern Approaches and Studies
  • Discussion Board
  • Bible Reading

Week 4

  • Week Four Preview
  • Discussion Board: Kingdom Living
  • Internet Activity
  • Reflection Paper 1
  • Exam 1

Week 5

  • Week Five Preview and Objectives
  • All Things to All People
  • Bible Reading
  • Discussion Forum

Courses consist of 12 units over a 16-week period. The above is only a sample.

There are no prerequisites for New Testament Literature.


Buy the book.

The student may choose the version he/she prefers. Quizzes and tests are based upon the KJV wording.

Encountering the New Testament (3rd edition)

Elwell, Walter and Robert Yarbrough | ISBN 9780801039645

Buy the book.

Encountering the New Testament blends scholarship and readability on a college freshman level.

The sidebars, study and review questions, and accompanying textbook website, make it a valuable and comprehensive survey tool.

The Holy Bible (based on the KJV wording) will be used for quizzes and tests.

35% — Reading, Video Viewing, and Study Guides

10% — Quizzes

25% — Exams

20% — Class Participation (PowerPoint/Lecture Viewing, Internet Activities, Discussion Boards)

10% — Reflections

Dr. Stephen Smith

Associate Professor

  • BA in Ministerial Education, God’s Bible School & College
  • MDiv in Biblical and Theological Studies, Wesley Biblical Seminary
  • PhD in Theological Studies (New Testament Exegesis and Theology), Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

Ready to get started?

Ready to get started?